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Diesel 10
  • Released:
    • Plarail: 2000
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 2001
    • TrackMaster (HiT Toys): 2007
    • TrackMaster (Fisher-Price): 2010
  • Item Number:
    • Tomica World, Motor Road and Rail: 7455
    • Plarail (2003-2012): T-18
    • Motor Road and Rail (with track; 2005): 4887
    • TrackMaster (Big Friends; 2010): R9230
    • Plarail (2012-2014): TS-09
    • TrackMaster (2014): BMK92

Diesel 10 is a villainous Diesel with a roof-top hydraulic grabber named "Pinchy".


  • Plarail/Tomica World/Motor Road and Rail/TrackMaster model (2000-2010)
  • TrackMaster by Fisher-Price model (CGI-styled face and updated paintwork) (2010-2014)
  • TrackMaster by Fisher-Price model (redesigned body with shorter length, no middle wheel, new wheel rubber, and motor with enhanced performance) (2014-present)


(The following list only applies to products with the name "Diesel 10". Few exceptions such as "Diesel 10 with track" can also be added.)

  • Diesel 10 with gold trucks (Tomica World, Plarail, Motor Road and Rail, TrackMaster [HiT Toys])
  • Diesel 10 with Troublesome Truck and four curved track pieces (Motor Road and Rail [US])
  • Diesel 10 with Troublesome Truck and two half straight track pieces (TrackMaster [HiT Toys])
  • Diesel 10 with Troublesome Trucks (TrackMaster [HiT Toys])
  • Diesel 10 with Troublesome Truck (TrackMaster)
  • Diesel 10 with Green Electricity Van (TrackMaster [Fisher-Price])

Special Models


  • Diesel 10's claw can open and close but it cannot lift up, except for his Talk 'n' Action Model.
  • If Diesel 10 is opened open, there was a screw under the roof part. If it was screwed off, 'pinchy' the claw can be pulled off, but not the arm.


Normal model gallery

Special model gallery

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